Omnibus Legislative Amendments - Consultation

Publication date: Wednesday, 15th April 2020.

Following agreement by the COAG Energy Council's Senior Committee of Officials this consultation package is being publicly released on draft legislative amendments which implement various ongoing energy market reform policy initiatives as well as making minor corrections or changes to address identified ambiguity.

The proposed changes to the National Energy Laws include:

  • Participating Jurisdiction amendments.
  • Commercial Arbitration provisions.
  • Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market amendments.
  • Information Disclosure amendments.​
  • Ministerial Council amendments.
  • Statutory Notices amendments.
  • Removal of Limited Merits Review amendments.
  • Limitation of Duty on Commonwealth Officers or Bodies amendments.

Changes to the National Electricity Regulations and National Gas Regulations have been made in relation to commercial arbitration provisions.
Senior Committee of Officials is interested in comments from stakeholders on drafting omissions or errors and whether these amendments will raise any practical implementation or transitional concerns.
This consultation will be for a period of six weeks, starting from 15 April to 28 May. Submissions will be considered and a final legislative package will go to the COAG Energy Council for approval in 2020.


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