Energy Working Group Bulletin No 42 - Consultation Regulation Impact Statement for Air Conditioners and Chillers

Publication date: Thursday, 18th February 2016.

A Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) examining options to improve the energy efficiency of air conditioners and chillers has been released. The options presented in the RIS cover chillers and air conditioners of the vapour compression cycle of all sizes.

Policy changes considered by the RIS include the costs and benefits of introducing a ‘zoned’ energy rating label that provides location specific information on energy efficiency, harmonisation of Minimum Energy Performance Standards and regulations, and the inclusion of single duct portable air conditioners in the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program. This RIS provides the basis for consultation with industry, community and other stakeholders. Interested parties are asked to provide feedback on the consultation RIS including responses to the some or all of the questions posed.

Following consultation, all submissions will be considered and contribute to a decision as to whether work will proceed to the development of a decision RIS. A decision RIS would be used to seek agreement for any proposed changes from the COAG Energy Council.

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