Energy Security Board Converting the ISP into action

Publication date: Friday, 21st September 2018.

The Energy Security Board (ESB) has published a paper that sets out an overview of the processes and next steps until late 2018, when the ESB will report back to the COAG Energy Council on:

  • how the Group 1 Projects identified in the ISP can be implemented and delivered as soon as practicable and with efficient outcomes for customers;
  • how the Group 2 Projects identified in the ISP will be reviewed and progressed; and
  • what modifications may be needed to existing processes for these projects to be delivered.

Ministers also asked that in addition to the consultation on the current ISP that is underway, the ESB identify a work program (including possible changes to the RIT-T) and convert the ISP into an actionable strategic plan. The ESB Chair will take the lead on the delivery of this work and report back to the COAG Energy Council in late 2018. ESB consideration of these transmission issues complements individual consultation processes currently underway in each of the market bodies. Attached to this paper, is the AEMC’s options paper for its Coordination of Generation and Transmission Investment review also published today, which sets out five potential options for making the ISP actionable.

In order to assist in receiving feedback on these matters, the ESB will also host two public forums:

  • 1.30pm – 4.30pm on Tuesday 9 October in Sydney
  • 9.30am – 12.30pm on Thursday 11 October in Melbourne.

Further information is available on the AEMC’s website where stakeholders can also register participation in these forums here.

More information on the ESB can be found here.


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