Energy Market Transformation Bulletin No 1 - Release of Energy Market Transformation Strategic Work Program

Publication date: Wednesday, 22nd June 2016.

At its December 2015 meeting, the Energy Council endorsed a work program to address four key areas.

  • Enhanced Competition and Innovation - This work stream is looking at barriers which may impede:

    • competition developing in markets for new innovative services delivered by emerging technologies such as battery storage, or

    • investment by regulated network in innovative technologies that could improve the efficiency of the regulated service.

  • Empowering Consumers - This work stream will review what consumer protections should apply to customers with respect to new products and supply options emerging in the electricity market.

  • Ongoing Power System Security - This work stream will consider work the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is doing on whether current arrangements for managing power system security are adequate to integrate large volumes of intermittent generation.

  • Efficient Investment and Operation of Electricity Infrastructure - This work stream assesses the flexibility of existing network regulatory arrangements, particularly the economic framework, as we shift from a centralised system to a more decentralised one and the energy generation mix changes.  

The Energy Market Transformation work program, aims to ensure regulatory frameworks are fit for purpose to support changing market structures and provide appropriate consumer protections. It aims to ensure regulatory frameworks are flexible enough to support a successful transition of the electricity market to a future characterized by more and increasingly decentralized supply options.

The work program will run throughout 2016, include public consultation and aim to provide policy recommendations to Energy Ministers for consideration by end 2016.


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