Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 36 - Retail Reporting in the Energy Market - Consultation Paper

Publication date: Tuesday, 21st April 2015.

Price reporting forms an integral role in the monitoring of market performance and has traditionally been done at a jurisdictional level with no defined national price reporting framework. Following a number of developments, including the commencement of the National Energy Customer Framework, the overarching commitment of jurisdictions to deregulate retail energy prices under the Australian Energy Market Agreement, and the transfer of regulatory powers nationally to the Australian Energy Regulator, it was considered an appropriate time to undertake a comprehensive review of current retail reporting frameworks.

Released on 21 April 2015, Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 36 invited stakeholder submissions on the most appropriate retail energy reporting framework in light of the changed environment.

All stakeholder submissions received in response to this consultation process are available below, excluding where stakeholders clearly indicated that a submission should remain confidential, either in whole or in part.

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