Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 33 - New Products and Services in the Electricity Market - Public Consultation

Publication date: Tuesday, 03rd February 2015.

Australian electricity markets are entering a period of change. The traditional centralised electricity supply model is being challenged by emerging products and services that allow customers greater control over how their electricity is delivered and consumed.

In December 2014 the Energy Council's Energy Market Reform Working Group released a consultation paper for public comment examining the regulatory implications of new products and services in the electricity market.

Released on 3 February 2015, Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 33 provided stakeholders with advice on a public consultation workshop that was held on 5 March 2015 to discuss issues raised in that paper in more detail.

Copies of the presentations from the consultation workshop are provided below. Please note that the presentations were provided for consultation purposes only and do not represent the views of the Council or the Commonwealth, state or territory governments.

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