Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 14 - Advice on privacy for the national smart meter program - publication of final advice

Publication date: Friday, 23rd August 2013.

In December 2007, the former Ministerial Council on Energy committed to work with stakeholders and the appropriate jurisdictional authorities to review customer protection and safety arrangements and ensure they remain appropriate where smart meters are rolled out.

As part of its review of the advanced metering infrastructure program, the Victorian Government commissioned a Privacy Impact Assessment. The assessment found that privacy controls around the usage of data from smart meters are generally relatively strong. However, privacy and access rights could be clarified to ensure that customers are aware of how their data is being protected and used by industry.

The Council's Energy Market Reform Working Group commissioned Seed Advisory Pty Ltd to advise on:

  • whether the conclusions and recommendations of the Privacy Impact Assessment commissioned by the Victorian Government were applicable nationally;
  • the potential implications of implementing the recommendations from the Victorian Privacy Impact Assessment; and
  • whether the recommendations should be implemented and if so how.

Released on 23 August 2013, Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 14 provided stakeholders with Seed Advisory's final advice.

Note: the final advice was prepared by an independent advisor and does not necessarily represent the views of the Council or the Commonwealth, state or territory governments.

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