Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 12 - Draft amendments for public consultation to allow the AER, AEMC and AEMO to share confidential information with the Energy Security Council

Publication date: Monday, 22nd July 2013.

The Energy Security Council (ESC) was established by the Commonwealth Government in 2011 as part of the Clean Energy Future Plan's energy security measures. The ESC's purpose is to provide assurance and advice to the Treasurer in the event that systemic risks to energy security emerge from financial impairment arising from any source, including from the introduction of carbon pricing, notwithstanding the specific measures included in the Clean Energy Future Plan.

To ensure the ESC is able to perform its function, as set out in the ESC Charter, the ESC may need to seek information from the energy market bodies. To authorise the disclosure of confidential information to the ESC, minor changes needed to be made to the regulations relating to the Australian Energy Regulator, Australian Energy Market Commission and Australian Energy Market Operator.

Released on 22 July 2013, Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 12 invited stakeholders to provide written submissions in response to the consultation draft amendments. All stakeholder submissions received in response to this consultation draft are available below, excluding where stakeholders clearly indicated that a submission should remain confidential, either in whole or in part.

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