Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 11 - Seeking Nominations for Consumer Representative

Publication date: Thursday, 27th June 2013.

On 31 May 2013, the former Standing Council on Energy and Resources agreed in principle to establish a national energy consumer advocacy body. The Council tasked energy officials with developing an implementation plan for its consideration. At its meeting of 31 May 2013, the Council discussed the potential for officials to appoint a consumer representative to provide a focal point for stakeholders during the development of the implementation plan to guide the establishment of the advocacy body.

In order to progress this appointment, the Council's Energy Market Reform Working Group sought nominations for the position of consumer representative to represent the energy consumers' views on key issues for the development of the implementation plan.

Released on 27 June 2013, Energy Market Reform Bulletin No. 11 invited stakeholders to provide nominations for this role.


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