The COAG Energy Council publishes a range of general publications relating to energy matters.

17 Jul 2018
COAG Energy Council Independent Energy Appointments Selection Panel

The role of the COAG Energy Council Energy Appointments Selection Panel is to provide recommendations to the COAG Energy Council (the Council) on appointments to

17 Jul 2018
Better Practice Community Engagement Case Studies

The Better Practice Community Engagement Case Studies document has been produced by the COAG Energy Council’s Resources Policy & Engagement Working Group (RP

03 Jul 2018
Capacity Trading Reform Package Legal and Regulatory Framework

The COAG Energy Council has approved the legal and regulatory framework that will implement the capacity trading reform package.

29 Jun 2018
Energy Security Board – National Energy Guarantee: Consultation Regulation Impact Statement

The Energy Security Board released the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for the National Energy Guarantee (the Guarantee) on 29 June 2018 and recei

15 Jun 2018
National Energy Guarantee Draft Detailed Design - Commonwealth Elements

The Commonwealth Government prepared a draft detailed design document on the design elements that are its responsibility.

30 May 2018
Energy Market Reform Bulletin No.44: AER Powers and Civil Penalty Regime Consultation

At its meeting in November 2017, the COAG Energy Council agreed to progress the following recommendations from the 2013 Review of Enforcement Regimes under t

22 May 2018
Energy Security Board - National Energy Guarantee - Issues Papers

National Energy Guarantee - Issues Papers  

20 Apr 2018
Initial design of the Guarantee

Energy Security Board's (ESB) initial design

20 Apr 2018
16th Energy Council Ministerial Meeting

Ministers met to discuss their top priority – ensuring the security, reliability, affordability and sustainability of the electricity market whilst working towar