The COAG Energy Council publishes a range of general publications relating to energy matters.

04 May 2017
Report to the COAG Energy Council on Gas Resources in Australia

In December 2012, the former Standing Council on Energy and Resources tasked officials to:

10 Apr 2017
10th Energy Council Meeting Communique

Energy Ministers met to discuss their top priority of ensuring the security, affordability and sustainability of the National Electricity Market over the short,

17 Feb 2017
9th COAG Energy Council Meeting Communique

Energy Ministers met via TelePresence today for the ninth COAG Energy Council Meeting.

Key items for discussion included:

01 Feb 2017
Energy Market Transformation Bulletin No 03 – Work Program Update

The energy sector is undergoing a major transition, driven by changing technologies, increasing consumer engagement, new business models and climate change polic

25 Jan 2017
National Gas Law Amendment Package – Pipelines Access Arbitration

The COAG Energy Council agreed in December 2016 to implement a commercial arbitration framework for pipeline access disputes in the National Gas Law (NGL) as a r

23 Dec 2016
Energy Project Team Bulletin 2 - National Electricity Law and National Gas Law Amendment Package

The COAG Energy Council Energy Working Group (EWG) conducted a consultation process to seek comments on the National Electricity Law (NEL) and National Gas Law A

14 Dec 2016
Examination of the current test for the regulation of gas pipelines

On 19 August 2016, the Energy Council (the Council) released a comprehensive

14 Dec 2016
8th COAG Energy Council Meeting Communique

(Includes 7th meeting communique)

14 Dec 2016
National Energy Productivity Plan - Annual Report 2016

The Council is pleased to release the National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) 2016 ANNUAL REPORT

24 Oct 2016
Media release: Expert panel to review security of National Electricity Market

An expert panel with extensive experience in business, energy markets, science and engineering will conduct the review on the security of the National Electricity Market.